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Performance and characteristics of Vehicle-mounted Liquid Bag

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Vehicle-mounted Liquid Bags used with flatbed guardrail trucks and heavy trucks can be customized according to customer requirements and truck sizes. The vehicle-mounted flexitank does not need containers as protection wall for domestic urban transportation, which reduces the cost of transportation and packaging for customers.

Vehicle-mounted Liquid Bag has the advantages of safety and hygiene, high operating efficiency, and saving customer packaging costs. it replaces iron tank, plastic drum, IBC drum, and container.

Advantages of Vehicle-mounted Liquid Bag :

1. The packaging purchase cost is low: Compared with traditional liquid packaging containers, it ncan save customers 50-80% of packaging procurement costs.

2. Reduce customer logistics costs: Using the liquid bag, the truck can load more goods, improving the utilization rate compared with the traditional packaging way.

3. Safe and reliable: high frequency welding technology, double seam design, to ensure the effective protection of liquid bags loaded with liquid goods.

4. High operating efficiency: It only takes 30 minutes to load and unload from the bag, which is convenient to operate and save labor.

5. Strong applicability: it can meet the transportation requirements of railway, sea and road.

6. Green and environmental protection: the liquid bag is made of brand new material, which is recyclable, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.


Post time: Aug-04-2021