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About Us

About Us

Weifang Yinglong Environmental Technology Co. , Ltd. established in 2006, is a professional manufacturer of design, research, production and sales of soft body fluid bags, water bags and bracket pools. We have passed ISO9001: 2000, SGS and other quality management system certification.

Our company is located in Sujiabun Industrial Park, Anqiu City, Weifang. After long-term development, we have many imported production equipment and domestic equipment, a high-quality engineering and technical personnel and workers, and a sound product quality assurance system. We have developed and manufactured a number of products with independent intellectual property rights, and has already applied for national patents for a number of scientific and technological achievements, filling the domestic gap.

We require product quality strictly according to product standards, and established a strict inspection system from raw material inspection to finished product delivery. It has won high trust and praise from customers with excellent results and good reputation.

We have independent import and export rights, and our products are sold to dozens of countries around the world. At present, we have developed dozens of products independently. The aquaculture pool (frame support) has won the national new patent which is the main product of our company.

All our products can be customized as the customers’ size and we provide OEM/ ODM service:

1. Water bag/ water bladder series:

drought-resistant water bladder, large bridge preloading water bag, vehicle-mounted water bag, fire water bag

2. Frame support pool series:

large swimming pool, bracket fish pond, freshwater lobster pond, seed germination container

3. Oil bladder series:

petroleum soft storage tank, vehicle-mounted oil bladder

4. Conical water bladder (onion tank):

for swimming, rainwater collecting

5. Folding ton barrels:

used to transport chemical liquids, food grade liquids, etc.