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Galvanized canvas fish farming pond — easy to clean and drainage

For Traditional fish ponds or cement ponds–

when it is used for a long time, the leaking phenomenon will happen. and it is very difficult to maintain. Now many places don’t allow new ponds to be dug in order to protect the land surface .

Therefore, Many aquaculture companies use galvanized sheet canvas fish ponds. Aquatic animals have higher requirements on the growth environment,  not all canvases can be used for aquaculture. It is very important to choose a suitable safe canvas pool  for aquaculture.

Yinglong developed environmental protection PVC canvas fish pond, and the galvanized sheet/plates canvas pond have been widely used in many fields, the common application: fish farming, shrimp farming, crab farming, leech farming, agricultural orchard garden water storage, industrial storage pool, etc.

Galvanized sheet canvas ponds are especially used in fish and shrimp farming. The high-density breeding technology is quite mature. Because galvanized sheet ponds are easy to manage, easy to clean and easy to discharge, they can be accurately fed according to the quantity, which reduces the cost of feeding and improves the Breeding benefits, in the environment where excavation of new soil ponds is not allowed in many places, galvanized sheet breeding ponds are very popular.

Our company’s material has the characteristics of anti-mildew and anti-leakage. It adopts air-tight cloth material and high-density waterproof canvas to prevent aging caused by long-term use. 


Post time: Jun-17-2022