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Cylindrical Water Tank

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Cylindrical Water Tank is made by reinforced fabric with PVC/ TPU coated and showing a cylindrical shape when the tank is full.

It can be used to store industrial water, fire water, rainwater harvesting, irrigation water, concrete mixing water, slope green water, sewage water storage and oil well cementing.

Its advantages are: can be folded when empty, the weight light and easy to transport, on-site installation is simple, long life and low maintenance costs.


Materials: 0.9mm--1.5mm tarpaulin with EN71,ASTM standard

Material: 500L--500,000L

Technique: heat welding

UV resistant / Mildew resistant /Durable and beautiful 
The resistance to temperature is very good.within ± 50 ° C will not change the shape and material.

The material main component is polyvinyl chloride, adding antioxidants, non-toxic, molecularly stable, not easy to adhere to dirt, and do not breed bacteria.

Product features

Small folding size , light weight, easy to transport and disassemble quickly , especially suitable for the storage space is not enough or the storage equipment is difficult to enter the site.

The condition of empty loading can fold below 5% of the total volume, saving space for easy storage.

With a strong oil resistance, sealing performance, resistance to ultraviolet aging proof performance.

There are many different kinds of accessories can be choose , meet the needs of the various caliber pump .

Based on the quick coupling, convenient disassembly

Easy to loading and discharge

Volume in m3 Expansion dimension (LxW)in m  Fully-loaded height in m  Volume in m3  Expansion dimension (LxW)in m Fully-loaded height in m
0.2 1.0*0.5 0.4 30 9.0*4.8 0.7
0.5 1.5*0.7 0.5 40 10.0*5.0 0.8
1 2.0*1.0 0.5 60 10.0*6.0 1.0
2 2.5*1.3 0.6 100 10.0*7.2 1.4
5 4.0*2.1 0.6 200 14.0*9.0 1.6
10 6.0*2.8 0.6 300 17..6*10.0 1.7
20 8.0*3.5 0.7 400 19.2*11.6 1.8

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